[Gluster-users] Hard Failover with Samba and Glusterfs

Amar Tumballi Suryanarayan atumball at redhat.com
Wed May 1 12:46:23 UTC 2019

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 1:33 PM David Spisla <spisla80 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Gluster Community,
> I have this setup: 4-Node Glusterfs v5.5 Cluster, using SAMBA/CTDB v4.8 to
> access the volumes (each node has a VIP)
> I was testing this failover scenario:
> 1. Start Writing 940 GB with small files (64K-100K)from a Win10 Client to
> node1
> 2. During the write process I hardly shutdown node1  (where the client is
> connect via VIP) by turn off the power
> My expectation is, that the write process stops and after a while the
> Win10 Client offers me a Retry, so I can continue the write on different
> node (which has now the VIP of node1).
> In past time I did this observation, but now the system shows a strange
> bahaviour:
> The Win10 Client do nothing and the Explorer freezes, in the backend CTDB
> can not perform the failover and throws errors. The glusterd from node2 and
> node3 logs this messages:
>> [2019-04-16 14:47:31.828323] W [glusterd-locks.c:795:glusterd_mgmt_v3_unlock] (-->/usr/lib64/glusterfs/5.5/xlator/mgmt/glusterd.so(+0x24349) [0x7f1a62fcb349] -->/usr/lib64/glusterfs/5.5/xlator/mgmt/glusterd.so(+0x2d950) [0x7f1a62fd4950] -->/usr/lib64/glusterfs/5.5/xlator/mgmt/glusterd.so(+0xe0359) [0x7f1a63087359] ) 0-management: Lock for vol archive1 not held
>> [2019-04-16 14:47:31.828350] W [MSGID: 106117] [glusterd-handler.c:6451:__glusterd_peer_rpc_notify] 0-management: Lock not released for archive1
>> [2019-04-16 14:47:31.828369] W [glusterd-locks.c:795:glusterd_mgmt_v3_unlock] (-->/usr/lib64/glusterfs/5.5/xlator/mgmt/glusterd.so(+0x24349) [0x7f1a62fcb349] -->/usr/lib64/glusterfs/5.5/xlator/mgmt/glusterd.so(+0x2d950) [0x7f1a62fd4950] -->/usr/lib64/glusterfs/5.5/xlator/mgmt/glusterd.so(+0xe0359) [0x7f1a63087359] ) 0-management: Lock for vol archive2 not held
>> [2019-04-16 14:47:31.828376] W [MSGID: 106117] [glusterd-handler.c:6451:__glusterd_peer_rpc_notify] 0-management: Lock not released for archive2
>> [2019-04-16 14:47:31.828412] W [glusterd-locks.c:795:glusterd_mgmt_v3_unlock] (-->/usr/lib64/glusterfs/5.5/xlator/mgmt/glusterd.so(+0x24349) [0x7f1a62fcb349] -->/usr/lib64/glusterfs/5.5/xlator/mgmt/glusterd.so(+0x2d950) [0x7f1a62fd4950] -->/usr/lib64/glusterfs/5.5/xlator/mgmt/glusterd.so(+0xe0359) [0x7f1a63087359] ) 0-management: Lock for vol gluster_shared_storage not held
>> [2019-04-16 14:47:31.828423] W [MSGID: 106117] [glusterd-handler.c:6451:__glusterd_peer_rpc_notify] 0-management: Lock not released for gluster_shared_storage
> *In my oponion Samba/CTDB can not perform the failover correctly and
> continue the write process because glusterfs didn't released the lock.*
> What do you think? It seems to me like a bug because in past time the
> failover works correctly.
Thanks for the report David. It surely looks like a bug, and I would let
some experts on this domain answer the question. One request on such thing
is to file a bug (preferred) or github issue, so it can be present in

> Regards
> David Spisla
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