[Gluster-users] Issues with submounted directories on a client

Greene, Tami McFarlin greenet at ornl.gov
Wed Mar 27 13:37:52 UTC 2019

The system is a 5 server, 20 brick distributed system with a hardware configured RAID 6 underneath with xfs as filesystem.  This client is a data collection node which transfers data to specific directories within one of the gluster volumes.

I have a client with submounted directories (glustervolume/project) rather than the entire volume.  Some files can be transferred no problem, but others send an error about transport endpoint not connected.  The transfer is handed by a rsync script triggered as a cron job.

When remotely connected to this client, user access to these files does not always behave as they are set – 2770 for directories and 440.  Owners are not always able to move the files, processes ran as the owners are not always able to move files; root is not always allowed to move or delete these file.

This process seemed to worked smoothly before adding another server and 4 storage bricks to the volume, logs indicate there were intermittent issues at least a month before the last server was added.  While a new collection device has been streaming to this one machine, the issue started the day before.

Is there another level for permissions and ownership that I am not aware of that needs to be sync’d?


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