[Gluster-users] Constant fuse client crashes "fixed" by setting performance.write-behind: off. Any hope for a 4.1.8 release?

Ville-Pekka Vainio ville-pekka.vainio at csc.fi
Tue Mar 5 13:13:53 UTC 2019

Hi all,

We’ve seen intermittent Gluster fuse client crashes with Gluster 4.1.7 on CentOS 7.6.1810 when using a Distributed-Replicate volume.
Today, for some reason, the fuse client started crashing constantly. I was able to work around the crashes by using performance.write-behind: off, which was mentioned in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1671556

The bug report has some patches attached to it. Is there any hope for a 4.1.8 release with these fixes? https://www.gluster.org/release-schedule/ says 4.1.7 is an EOL version.

Best regards,
Ville-Pekka Vainio

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