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Strahil hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
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If it expects a single word like 'y' or 'yes' , then you can try:
echo 'yes' | gluster snapshot delete  $(/my/script/to/find/oldest/snapshot)

Of course, you should put some logic in order to find the oldest snapshot, bit that won't be hard as date & time of creation should be in the name.

About the situation with the LVM, it is expected that the user takes care of that, as thin LVs can be overcommitted.

For example my arbiter has 20 GB thin LV pool and I have 4 20GB LVs inside that pool.
As long as I don't exhaust the pool's storage - I'm fine. 

You shouldb't expect that LVM will play the monitoring role here - either put some kind of monitoring, or create your own solution to monitor that fact.

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Strahil NikolovOn Jun 26, 2019 15:41, Dmitry Filonov <filonov at hkl.hms.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Hi, 
>  am really new to gluster and have couple question that I hope will be really easy to answer. Just couldn't find anything on that myself. 
> I did set up replica 3 gluster over 3 nodes with 2TB SSD in each node. 
> To have snapshot functionality I have created thin pool of the size of VG (1.82TB) and then 1.75TB thin LVM inside on each of the bricks. 
> It worked just fine until I scheduled creating hourly and daily snapshots on that gluster volume. In less than 2 days my thin volume got full and crashed. 
> Not refused creating new snapshots, but just died as LVM couldn't perform any operations there anymore. 
> So my first question is how to prevent this from happening. I could create smaller thin LVM, but I still have no control how much space I would need for snapshots. I was hoping to see some warnings and errors while creeating snapshots, but not failed LVM/Gluster. 
> The second question is related but not that important. Is there a way to schedule snapshot removal in cron? gluster snapshot delete requires interactive confirmation and I don't see any flag to auto-confirm snapshot removal. 
> Thank you, 
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