[Gluster-users] snapshots questions

Dmitry Filonov filonov at hkl.hms.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 26 13:48:52 UTC 2019

Newly created snapshots will occupy some data and metadata space in LVM. So
the more snapshots you have, the more space will be utilized.

Yes, I understand that. The question is how to get snapshots error out
instead of breaking LVM completely. Is there any way to tell snapshots to
fail if after creating that snapshot pool won't have certain amount of free

As of now, No. There isn't any option to schedule a removal of the
> snapshot. As for auto-confirmation of any command in gluster,
> '--mode=script' at the end of the command should work.
> Although, there is a snapshot config option "*auto-delete*" which, when
> enabled, will *delete* the oldest snapshot *after crossing the
> snap-max-soft-limit* (which is a set percentage of the
> snap-max-hard-limit).
Auto-delete is not suited for proper snapshot handling (i.e. certain number
of hourly/daily/monthly snapshots kept) but --mode=script would do.
Thank you!

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