[Gluster-users] What is the right way to bring down a Glusterfs server for maintenance?

John Strunk jstrunk at redhat.com
Wed Jul 3 19:56:49 UTC 2019

Nope. Just:
* Ensure all volumes are fully healed so you don't run into split brain
* Go ahead and shutdown the server needing maintenance
** If you just want gluster down on that sever node: stop glusterd and kill
the glusterfs bricks, then do what you need to do
** If you just want to power off: then shutdown -h as usual (don't worry
about stopping gluster)

When you bring the server back up, glusterd and the bricks should start,
and the bricks should heal from the 2 replicas that remained up during


On Wed, Jul 3, 2019 at 3:48 PM Carl Sirotic <csirotic at evoqarchitecture.com>

> I have a replica 3 cluster, 3 nodes with bricks and 2 "client" nodes,
> that run the VMs through a mount of the data on the bricks.
> Now, one of the bricks need maintenance and I will need to shut it down
> for about 15 minutes.
> I didn't find any information on what I am suposed to do.
> If I get this right, I am suposed to remove the brick completely from
> the cluster and add them again when the maintenance is finished ?
> Carl
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