[Gluster-users] usage of harddisks: each hdd a brick? raid?

Mike combr at ya.ru
Wed Jan 9 19:52:02 UTC 2019

09.01.2019 17:38, Hu Bert пишет:
> Hi @all,
> we have 3 servers, 4 disks (10TB) each, in a replicate 3 setup. We're
> having some problems after a disk failed; the restore via reset-brick
> takes way too long (way over a month)


We have similar setup, and I do not test restoring...
How many volumes do you have - one volume on one (*3) disk 10 TB in size 
  - then 4 volumes?

> We were thinking about migrating to 3 servers with a RAID10 (HW or
> SW), again in a replicate 3 setup. We would waste a lot of space, but
> the idea is that, if a hdd fails:
> - the data are still available on the hdd copy
> - performance is better than with a failed/restoring hdd
> - the restore via SW/HW RAID is faster than the restore via glusterfs

Our setup is worse in wasted space  - we have a 3 10Tb disks in each 
server + 1 SSD "for raid controller cache".
there is no ability to create raid 10, raid 5 is a no-no on HDDS, and 
only viable variant is a 1ADM (3*RAID1 + 1 SSD cache) (for using all disks).

Or 2*RAID1 + 1 HDD for gluster ...

> Any opinions on that? Maybe it would be better to use more servers and
> smaller disks, but this isn't possible at the moment.

Also interested. We can swap SSDs to HDDs for RAID10, but is it worthless?

And what about right way to restore for configs like replica 3 *10Tb 

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