[Gluster-users] Gluster and bonding

Dmitry Melekhov dm at belkam.com
Mon Feb 25 12:30:05 UTC 2019

25.02.2019 14:43, Alex K пишет:
> Hi All,
> I was asking if it is possible to have the two separate cables 
> connected to two different physical switched.

Yes, if these switches are in cluster, we use comware switches, so we 
use IRF, I guess cisco has lacp support on several switches in nexus..

> When trying mode6 or mode1 in this setup gluster was refusing to start 
> the volumes, giving me "transport endpoint is not connected".
> server1: cable1 ---------------- switch1 --------------------- 
> server2: cable1
>                                             |
> server1: cable2 ---------------- switch2 --------------------- 
> server2: cable2
> Both switches are connected with each other also. This is done to 
> achieve redundancy for the switches.
> When disconnecting cable2 from both servers, then gluster was happy.
> What could be the problem?

If you need just redundancy, may be you can use STP? combine port in bridge.

Never tried this though, don't know how good is STP support in linux 

btw, I don't think this is gluster problem, I think you have to ask in 
sort of linux networking list.

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