[Gluster-users] [ovirt-users] Re: Hosted-Engine constantly dies

Strahil Nikolov hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 5 12:17:52 UTC 2019

>This definitively helps, but for my experience the network speed is really determinant here.Can you describe your network >configuration?
>A 10 Gbps net is definitively fine here.
>A few bonded 1 Gbps nics could work.
>A single 1 Gbps nic could be an issue.

I have a gigabit interface on my workstations and sadly I have no option for upgrade without switching the hardware. 
I have observed my network traffic for days with iftop and gtop and I have never reached my Gbit interface's maximum bandwidth, not even the half of it.
Even when reseting my bricks (gluster volume reset-brick) and running a full heal - I do not observe more than 50GiB/s utilization. I am not sure if FUSE is using network for accessing the local brick - but I  hope that it is not true.
Checking disk performance - everything is in the expected ranges.
I suspect that the Gluster v5 enhancements are increasing both network and IOPS requirements and my setup was not dealing with it properly.

>It's definitively planned, see: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1693998>I'm not really sure about its time plan.
I will try to get involved and provide feedback both to oVirt and Gluster dev teams.
Best Regards,Strahil Nikolov
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