[Gluster-users] Rebalance failed on Distributed Disperse volume based on 3.12.14 version

Mauro Tridici mauro.tridici at cmcc.it
Thu Oct 4 13:31:36 UTC 2018

Hi Nithya,

thank you very much.
This is the current “gluster volume info” output after removing bricks (and after peer detach command).

[root at s01 ~]# gluster volume info
Volume Name: tier2
Type: Distributed-Disperse
Volume ID: a28d88c5-3295-4e35-98d4-210b3af9358c
Status: Started
Snapshot Count: 0
Number of Bricks: 6 x (4 + 2) = 36
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt1/brick
Brick2: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt1/brick
Brick3: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt1/brick
Brick4: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt2/brick
Brick5: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt2/brick
Brick6: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt2/brick
Brick7: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt3/brick
Brick8: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt3/brick
Brick9: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt3/brick
Brick10: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt4/brick
Brick11: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt4/brick
Brick12: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt4/brick
Brick13: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt5/brick
Brick14: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt5/brick
Brick15: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt5/brick
Brick16: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt6/brick
Brick17: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt6/brick
Brick18: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt6/brick
Brick19: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt7/brick
Brick20: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt7/brick
Brick21: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt7/brick
Brick22: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt8/brick
Brick23: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt8/brick
Brick24: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt8/brick
Brick25: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt9/brick
Brick26: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt9/brick
Brick27: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt9/brick
Brick28: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt10/brick
Brick29: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt10/brick
Brick30: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt10/brick
Brick31: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt11/brick
Brick32: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt11/brick
Brick33: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt11/brick
Brick34: s01-stg:/gluster/mnt12/brick
Brick35: s02-stg:/gluster/mnt12/brick
Brick36: s03-stg:/gluster/mnt12/brick
Options Reconfigured:
network.ping-timeout: 0
features.scrub: Active
features.bitrot: on
features.inode-quota: on
features.quota: on
performance.client-io-threads: on
cluster.min-free-disk: 10
cluster.quorum-type: auto
transport.address-family: inet
nfs.disable: on
server.event-threads: 4
client.event-threads: 4
cluster.lookup-optimize: on
performance.readdir-ahead: on
performance.parallel-readdir: off
cluster.readdir-optimize: on
features.cache-invalidation: on
features.cache-invalidation-timeout: 600
performance.stat-prefetch: on
performance.cache-invalidation: on
performance.md-cache-timeout: 600
network.inode-lru-limit: 50000
performance.io-cache: off
disperse.cpu-extensions: auto
performance.io-thread-count: 16
features.quota-deem-statfs: on
features.default-soft-limit: 90
cluster.server-quorum-type: server
diagnostics.latency-measurement: on
diagnostics.count-fop-hits: on
cluster.brick-multiplex: on
cluster.server-quorum-ratio: 51%


> Il giorno 04 ott 2018, alle ore 15:22, Nithya Balachandran <nbalacha at redhat.com> ha scritto:
> Hi Mauro,
> The files on s04 and s05 can be deleted safely as long as those bricks have been removed from the volume and their brick processes are not running.
> .glusterfs/indices/xattrop/xattrop-* are links to files that need to be healed.
> .glusterfs/quarantine/stub-00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000008 links to files that bitrot (if enabled)says are corrupted. (none in this case)
> I will get back to you on s06. Can you please provide the output of gluster volume info again?
> Regards,
> Nithya
> On 4 October 2018 at 13:47, Mauro Tridici <mauro.tridici at cmcc.it <mailto:mauro.tridici at cmcc.it>> wrote:
> Dear Ashish, Dear Nithya,
> I’m writing this message only to summarize and simplify the information about the "not migrated” files left on removed bricks on server s04, s05 and s06.
> In attachment, you can find 3 files (1 file for each server) containing the “not migrated” files lists and related brick number.
> In particular:
> s04 and s05 bricks contain only not migrated files in hidden directories “/gluster/mnt#/brick/.glusterfs" (I could delete them, doesn’t it?)
> s06 bricks contain 
> not migrated files in hidden directories “/gluster/mnt#/brick/.glusterfs”;
> not migrated files with size equal to 0;
> not migrated files with size greater than 0.
> I think it was necessary to collect and summarize information to simplify your analysis.
> Thank you very much,
> Mauro

Mauro Tridici

Fondazione CMCC
CMCC Supercomputing Center
presso Complesso Ecotekne - Università del Salento -
Strada Prov.le Lecce - Monteroni sn
73100 Lecce  IT

mobile: (+39) 327 5630841
email: mauro.tridici at cmcc.it <mailto:mauro.tridici at cmcc.it>

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