[Gluster-users] Shared Storage is unmount after stopping glusterd

Rafi Kavungal Chundattu Parambil rkavunga at redhat.com
Fri Nov 9 09:23:23 UTC 2018

Hi David Spisla,

gluster_shared_storage works just like yet another volume(There are some special handling related to authentication). So bringing down a glusterd node shouldn't have lead to unmount of the volume.

Can you please share the mount log, brick logs at time when you stopped glusterd. Also make sure your shared storage bricks up and running.

Rafi KC

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Dear Gluster Community, 
I have a v4.1.5 4-node-cluster with SLES15 machines. The last time I observe that after stopping glusterd with 
$ sudo systemctl stop glusterd 

sometimes also the FUSE mount of the shared_storage on the same node is unmount but shared_storage ist still in the volume list. I mean really "sometimes" because it is not reproducible in a deterministic way and I am not sure if there is really a dependency between stopping glusterd and shared_storage. 

What is the expected behaviour if stopping glusterd? In my opinion all volumes included shared_storage should still have FUSE mounts. 

David Spisla 

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