[Gluster-users] shard corruption bug

Jim Kinney jim.kinney at gmail.com
Fri May 4 15:13:39 UTC 2018

I upgraded my ovirt stack to 3.12.9, added a brick to a volume and left
it to settle. No problems. I am now running replica 4 (preparing to
remove a brick and host to replica 3).
On Fri, 2018-05-04 at 14:24 +0000, Gandalf Corvotempesta wrote:
> Il giorno ven 4 mag 2018 alle ore 14:06 Jim Kinney <jim.kinney at gmail.
> com>
> ha scritto:
> > It stopped being an outstanding issue at 3.12.7. I think it's now
> > fixed.
> So, is not possible to extend and rebalance a working cluster with
> sharded
> data ?
> Can someone confirm this ? Maybe the ones that hit the bug in the
> past
James P. Kinney III

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