[Gluster-users] Disperse volume recovery and healing

Victor T hero_of_nothing_1 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 13 23:30:06 UTC 2018

I have a question about how disperse volumes handle brick failure. I'm running version 3.10.10 on all systems. If I have a disperse volume in a 4+2 configuration with 6 servers each serving 1 brick, and maintenance needs to be performed on all systems, are there any general steps that need to be taken to ensure data is not lost or service interrupted? For example, can I just reboot each system sequentially after making sure sure the service is running on all servers before rebooting the next system? Or is there a need to force/wait for a heal after each brick comes back online? If I have two bricks down for multiple days and then bring them back in, is there a need to issue a heal or something like a rebalance before rebooting the other servers? There's lots of documentation about other volume types, but it seems information specific to dispersed volumes is a bit hard to find. Thanks a bunch.
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