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Curt Lestrup curt at lestrup.se
Sun Mar 4 14:38:56 UTC 2018


Have a glusterfs 3.10.10 (tried 3.12.6 as well) volume on Ubuntu 16.04 with a 3 ssd tier where one ssd is bad.

Status of volume: labgreenbin
Gluster process                             TCP Port  RDMA Port  Online  Pid
Hot Bricks:
Brick labgfs81:/gfs/p1-tier/mount           49156     0          Y       4217
Brick labgfs51:/gfs/p1-tier/mount           N/A       N/A        N       N/A
Brick labgfs11:/gfs/p1-tier/mount           49152     0          Y       643
Cold Bricks:
Brick labgfs11:/gfs/p1/mount                49153     0          Y       312
Brick labgfs51:/gfs/p1/mount                49153     0          Y       295
Brick labgfs81:/gfs/p1/mount                49153     0          Y       307

Cannot find a command to replace the ssd so instead trying detach the tier but:

# gluster volume tier labgreenbin detach start
volume tier detach start: failed: Pre Validation failed on labgfs51. Found stopped brick labgfs51:/gfs/p1-tier/mount. Use force option to remove the offline brick
Tier command failed

‘force’ results in Usage:
# gluster volume tier labgreenbin detach start force
volume tier <VOLNAME> status
volume tier <VOLNAME> start [force]
volume tier <VOLNAME> stop
volume tier <VOLNAME> attach [<replica COUNT>] <NEW-BRICK>... [force]
volume tier <VOLNAME> detach <start|stop|status|commit|[force]>

So trying to remove the brick:
# gluster v remove-brick labgreenbin replica 2 labgfs51:/gfs/p1-tier/mount force
Removing brick(s) can result in data loss. Do you want to Continue? (y/n) y
volume remove-brick commit force: failed: Removing brick from a Tier volume is not allowed

Succeeded removing the tier with:
# gluster volume tier labgreenbin detach force

but what does that mean? Will the content of tier get lost?

How to solve this situation?

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