[Gluster-users] glusterfs using large amount of ram

Niels Hendriks niels at nuvini.com
Tue Jun 19 19:36:33 UTC 2018

Hi Jim,

I have a similar issue I reported here:
However, I have not yet received a response. It's probably one of the
settings since I've seen this on 3 separate gluster environments but I'm
not sure what's causing it...


On 19 June 2018 at 21:19, Jim Kusznir <jim at palousetech.com> wrote:

> Hi:
> My monitoring system notified me that one of my glusterfs nodes is low on
> swap.  When I logged in, a glusterfs process for one of my volumes was
> using 66% of the systems' ram, top reported 28.4g virt, 20.8g RES, and 3704
> SHR.
> As far as I can tell, this should not be considered "normal".  What does
> this mean / how do I fix it?
> Thanks!
> --Jim
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