[Gluster-users] Are there any known issues with gluster-3.7.11 and CentOS 6.6?

Pat Haley phaley at mit.edu
Thu Jun 14 16:55:05 UTC 2018


We were trying to address some slowness issues we continue to have with 
by using a suggestion from this list (disperse.eager-lock off). We were 
unable to do this because we discovered that the clients were running a 
different version of gluster (and CentOS) than the server

  * server: gluster 3.7.11 and CentOS 6.8
  * clients: gluster 3.7.8 and CentOS 6.6

Our thought was to try upgrading gluster on the clients to 3.7.11. Are 
there any known issues with using gluster 3.7.11 on CentOS 6.6?



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