[Gluster-users] clean up of unclean files

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 22:39:19 UTC 2018


I have a 5x3 Distributed-Replicate filesystem that has a few entries 
that do not clean up when being healed.

I had tracked down what they were and since they were really just 
temp/expendable files, I moved the directory and recreated what was needed.

Now those files in the recreated directory cannot be deleted and they 
show up in the gluster volume heal <volume> info output and never go away.

Examples below:

*/Brick brick5.internal:/GLUSTER/brick1/**/
/**/<gfid:8ed6a9e9-2820-40bd-8d9d-77b7f79c7748> - Is in split-brain/**/
/**/Status: Connected/**/
/**/Number of entries: 1/**/
/**/Brick brick6.internal:/GLUSTER/brick1/**/
/**/<gfid:8ed6a9e9-2820-40bd-8d9d-77b7f79c7748> - Is in split-brain/**/
/**/Status: Connected/**/
/**/Number of entries: 5/**/

So, how do I clean those up so they aren't showing up anywhere at all?

Brian Andrus

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