[Gluster-users] Rebalance taking > 2 months

Nithya Balachandran nbalacha at redhat.com
Mon Jul 16 04:44:37 UTC 2018

Hi Rusty,

We need the following information:

   1. The exact gluster version you are running
   2. gluster volume info <volname>
   3. gluster rebalance status
   4. Information on the directory structure and file locations on your
   5. How many levels of directories
   6. How many files and directories in each level
   7. How many directories and files in total (a rough estimate)
   8. Average file size

Please note that having a rebalance running in the background should not
affect your volume access in any way. However I would like to know why only
6000 files have been scanned in 6 hours.


On 16 July 2018 at 06:13, Rusty Bower <rusty at rustybower.com> wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I just added a new brick to my existing gluster volume, but *gluster
> volume rebalance data status* is telling me the following: Estimated time
> left for rebalance to complete : > 2 months. Please try again later.
> I already did a fix-mapping, but this thing is absolutely crawling trying
> to rebalance everything (last estimate was ~40 years)
> Any thoughts on if this is a bug, or ways to speed this up? It's taking ~6
> hours to scan 6000 files, which seems unreasonably slow.
> Thanks
> Rusty
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