[Gluster-users] Files not healing & missing their extended attributes - Help!

Ashish Pandey aspandey at redhat.com
Sun Jul 1 19:34:13 UTC 2018

You have not even talked about the volume type and configuration and this issue would require lot of other information to fix it. 

1 - What is the type of volume and config. 
2 - Provide the gluster v <volname> info out put 
3 - Heal info out put 
4 - getxattr of one of the file, which needs healing, from all the bricks. 
5 - What lead to the healing of file? 
6 - gluster v <volname> status 
7 - glustershd.log out put just after you run full heal or index heal 


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Hi Guys, 
I had to restart our datacenter yesterday, but since doing so a number of the files on my gluster share have been stuck, marked as healing. After no signs of progress, I manually set off a full heal last night, but after 24hrs, nothing's happened. 

The gluster logs all look normal, and there're no messages about failed connections or heal processes kicking off. 

I checked the listed files' extended attributes on their bricks today, and they only show the selinux attribute. There's none of the trusted.* attributes I'd expect. 
The healthy files on the bricks do have their extended attributes though. 

I'm guessing that perhaps the files somehow lost their attributes, and gluster is no longer able to work out what to do with them? It's not logged any errors, warnings, or anything else out of the normal though, so I've no idea what the problem is or how to resolve it. 

I've got 16 hours to get this sorted before the start of work, Monday. Help! 

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