[Gluster-users] Split brain directory

Luca Gervasi luca.gervasi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 08:30:46 UTC 2018

I'm trying to fix an issue with a Directory Split on a gluster 3.10.3. The
effect consist of a specific file in this splitted directory to randomly be
unavailable on some clients.
I have gathered all the informations on this gist:

I discovered the splitted directory by the extended attributes (lines
172,173, 291,292,
Seen on the bricks
* /bricks/video/brick3/safe/video.mysite.it/htdocs/ su glusterserver05
(lines 278 ro 294)
* /bricks/video/brick3/safe/video.mysite.it/htdocs/ su glusterserver03
(lines 159 to 175)

Reading the documentation about afr extended attributes, this situation
seems unclear (Docs from [1] and [2])
as own changelog is 0, same as client-13
as my understanding, such "dirty" attributes seems to indicate no split at
all (feel free to correct me).

Some days ago, I issued a "gluster volume heal vol-video full", which
endend (probably) that day, leaving no info on
/var/log/gluster/glustershd.log nor fixing this split.
I tried to trigger a self heal using "stat" and "ls -l" over the splitted
directory from a glusterfs mounted client directory, without having the bit
set cleared.
The volume heal info split-brain itself shows zero items to be healed
(lines 388 to 446).

All the clients mount this volume using glusterfs-fuse.

I don't know what to do, please help.


Luca Gervasi

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