[Gluster-users] Gluster Monthly Newsletter, February 2018

Amye Scavarda amye at redhat.com
Wed Feb 28 22:59:53 UTC 2018

Gluster Monthly Newsletter, February 2018

Special thanks to all of our contributors working to get Gluster 4.0 out
into the wild.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting on the blog about some of the new
improvements coming out in Gluster 4.0, so watch for that!

Glustered: A Gluster Community Gathering is happening on March 8, in
connection with Incontro DevOps 2018. More details here:

Event planning for next year:

As part of the Community Working Group issue queue, we’re asking for
recommendations of events that Gluster should be focusing on.
https://github.com/gluster/community/issues/7 has more details, we’re
planning from March 2018 through March 2019 and we’d like your input! Where
should Gluster be at?

Want swag for your meetup? https://www.gluster.org/events/ has a contact
form for us to let us know about your Gluster meetup! We’d love to hear
about Gluster presentations coming up, conference talks and gatherings. Let
us know!

Top Contributing Companies:  Red Hat,  Gluster, Inc.,  Facebook, Gentoo
Linux, Samsung

Top Contributors in February: N Balachandran, Poornima G, Amar Tumballi,
Atin Mukherjee, Vitalii Koriakov

Noteworthy threads:

[Gluster-users] [FOSDEM'18] Optimizing Software Defined Storage for the Age
of Flash


[Gluster-users] Heketi v6.0.0 available for download


[Gluster-users] Glustered 2018 schedule


[Gluster-devel] New web proxy for our web application


[Gluster-devel] Announcing Softserve- serve yourself a VM


Upcoming CFPs:

LinuxCon China - March 4, 2018


Open Source Summit North America - Sunday, April 29, 2018


Amye Scavarda | amye at redhat.com | Gluster Community Lead
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