[Gluster-users] NFS Ganesha HA w/ GlusterFS

TomK tomkcpr at mdevsys.com
Mon Feb 19 15:24:48 UTC 2018

On 2/19/2018 2:39 AM, TomK wrote:
+ gluster users as well.  Just read another post on the mailing lists 
about a similar ask from Nov which didn't really have a clear answer.

Perhaps there's a way to get NFSv4 work with GlusterFS without NFS 
Ganesha then?


> Hey All,
> I've setup GlusterFS on two virtuals and enabled NFS Ganesha on each 
> node.  ATM the configs are identical between the two NFS Ganesha hosts. 
> (Probably shouldn't be but I'm just testing things out.)
> I need HA capability and notice these instructions here:
> http://aravindavkgluster.readthedocs.io/en/latest/Administrator%20Guide/Configuring%20HA%20NFS%20Server/ 
> However I don't have package glusterfs-ganesha available on this CentOS 
> Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core) and the maintainer's of CentOS 7 haven't 
> uploaded some of the 2.5.x packages yet so I can't use that version.
> glusterfs-api-3.12.6-1.el7.x86_64
> glusterfs-libs-3.12.6-1.el7.x86_64
> glusterfs-3.12.6-1.el7.x86_64
> glusterfs-fuse-3.12.6-1.el7.x86_64
> glusterfs-server-3.12.6-1.el7.x86_64
> python2-glusterfs-api-1.1-1.el7.noarch
> glusterfs-client-xlators-3.12.6-1.el7.x86_64
> glusterfs-cli-3.12.6-1.el7.x86_64
> nfs-ganesha-xfs-2.3.2-1.el7.x86_64
> nfs-ganesha-vfs-2.3.2-1.el7.x86_64
> nfs-ganesha-2.3.2-1.el7.x86_64
> nfs-ganesha-gluster-2.3.2-1.el7.x86_64
> The only high availability packages are the following but they don't 
> come with any instructions that I can find:
> storhaug.noarch : High-Availability Add-on for NFS-Ganesha and Samba
> storhaug-nfs.noarch : storhaug NFS-Ganesha module
> Given that I'm missing that one package above, will configuring using 
> ganesha-ha.conf still work?  Or should I be looking at another option 
> alltogether?
> Appreciate any help.  Ty!

Tom K.

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