[Gluster-users] Dir split brain resolution

Alex K rightkicktech at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 11:11:32 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I have a split brain issue and have the following situation:

gluster volume heal engine  info split-brain

Brick gluster0:/gluster/engine/brick
Status: Connected
Number of entries in split-brain: 1

Brick gluster1:/gluster/engine/brick
Status: Connected
Number of entries in split-brain: 0

cd ha_agent/
[root at v0 ha_agent]# ls -al
ls: cannot access hosted-engine.metadata: Input/output error
ls: cannot access hosted-engine.lockspace: Input/output error
total 8
drwxrwx--- 2 vdsm kvm 4096 Feb  5 10:52 .
drwxr-xr-x 5 vdsm kvm 4096 Jan 18 01:17 ..
l????????? ? ?    ?      ?            ? hosted-engine.lockspace
l????????? ? ?    ?      ?            ? hosted-engine.metadata

I tried to delete the directory from one node but it gives Input/output
How would one proceed to resolve this?

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