[Gluster-users] How to trigger a resync of a newly replaced empty brick in replicate config ?

Alessandro Ipe Alessandro.Ipe at meteo.be
Thu Feb 1 15:39:41 UTC 2018


My volume home is configured in replicate mode (version 3.12.4) with the bricks

server2:/data/gluster/brick1 was corrupted, so I killed gluster daemon for that brick on server2, umounted it, reformated it, remounted it and did a
> gluster volume reset-brick home server2:/data/gluster/brick1 server2:/data/gluster/brick1 commit force

I was expecting that the self-heal daemon would start copying data from server1:/data/gluster/brick1 
(about 7.4 TB) to the empty server2:/data/gluster/brick1, which it only did for directories, but not for files. 

For the moment, I launched on the fuse mount point
> find . | xargs stat
but crawling the whole volume (100 TB) to trigger self-healing of a single brick of 7.4 TB is unefficient.

Is there any trick to only self-heal a single brick, either by setting some attributes to its top directory, for example ?

Many thanks,


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