[Gluster-users] Self Heal Confusion

Ashish Pandey aspandey at redhat.com
Thu Dec 27 08:09:12 UTC 2018

Hi Brett, 

Could you please tell us more about the setup? 

1 - Gluster v info 
2 - gluster v status 
3 - gluster v heal <volname> info 

These are the very basic information to start with debugging or suggesting any workaround. 
It should always be included when asking such questions on mailing list so that people can reply sooner. 

Note: Please hide IP address/hostname or any other information you don't want world to see. 


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Still no change in the heals pending. I found this reference, https://archive.fosdem.org/2017/schedule/event/glusterselinux/attachments/slides/1876/export/events/attachments/glusterselinux/slides/1876/fosdem.pdf , which mentions the default SELinux context for a brick and that internal operations such as self-heal, rebalance should be ignored. but they do not elaborate on what ignore means - is it just not doing self-heal or something else. 

I did set SELinux to permissive and nothing changed. I'll try setting the bricks to the context mentioned in this pdf and see what happens. 

On 12/20/18 8:26 PM, John Strunk wrote: 

Assuming your bricks are up... yes, the heal count should be decreasing. 

There is/was a bug wherein self-heal would stop healing but would still be running. I don't know whether your version is affected, but the remedy is to just restart the self-heal daemon. 
Force start one of the volumes that has heals pending. The bricks are already running, but it will cause shd to restart and, assuming this is the problem, healing should begin... 

$ gluster vol start my-pending-heal-vol force 

Others could better comment on the status of the bug. 


On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 5:45 PM Brett Holcomb < biholcomb at l1049h.com > wrote: 

I have one volume that has 85 pending entries in healing and two more 
volumes with 58,854 entries in healing pending. These numbers are from 
the volume heal info summary command. They have stayed constant for two 
days now. I've read the gluster docs and many more. The Gluster docs 
just give some commands and non gluster docs basically repeat that. 
Given that it appears no self-healing is going on for my volume I am 
confused as to why. 

1. If a self-heal deamon is listed on a host (all of mine show one with 
a volume status command) can I assume it's enabled and running? 

2. I assume the volume that has all the self-heals pending has some 
serious issues even though I can access the files and directories on 
it. If self-heal is running shouldn't the numbers be decreasing? 

It appears to me self-heal is not working properly so how to I get it to 
start working or should I delete the volume and start over? 

I'm running gluster 5.2 on Centos 7 latest and updated. 

Thank you. 

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