[Gluster-users] Previously replaced brick not coming up after reboot

Hu Bert revirii at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 16 07:01:07 UTC 2018

Hi there,

2 times i had to replace a brick on 2 different servers; replace went
fine, heal took very long but finally finished. From time to time you
have to reboot the server (kernel upgrades), and i've noticed that the
replaced brick doesn't come up after the reboot. Status after reboot:

gluster volume status
Status of volume: shared
Gluster process                             TCP Port  RDMA Port  Online  Pid
Brick gluster11:/gluster/bricksda1/shared   49164     0          Y       6425
Brick gluster12:/gluster/bricksda1/shared   49152     0          Y       2078
Brick gluster13:/gluster/bricksda1/shared   49152     0          Y       2478
Brick gluster11:/gluster/bricksdb1/shared   49165     0          Y       6452
Brick gluster12:/gluster/bricksdb1/shared   49153     0          Y       2084
Brick gluster13:/gluster/bricksdb1/shared   49153     0          Y       2497
Brick gluster11:/gluster/bricksdc1/shared   49166     0          Y       6479
Brick gluster12:/gluster/bricksdc1/shared   49154     0          Y       2090
Brick gluster13:/gluster/bricksdc1/shared   49154     0          Y       2485
Brick gluster11:/gluster/bricksdd1/shared   49168     0          Y       7897
Brick gluster12:/gluster/bricksdd1_new/shared  49157     0          Y       7632
Brick gluster13:/gluster/bricksdd1_new/shared  N/A       N/A        N
Self-heal Daemon on localhost               N/A       N/A        Y       25483
Self-heal Daemon on gluster13               N/A       N/A        Y       2463
Self-heal Daemon on gluster12               N/A       N/A        Y       17619

Task Status of Volume shared
There are no active volume tasks

Here gluster13:/gluster/bricksdd1_new/shared is not up. Related log
message after reboot in glusterd.log:

[2018-08-16 05:22:52.986757] W [socket.c:593:__socket_rwv]
0-management: readv on
/var/run/gluster/02d086b75bfc97f2cce96fe47e26dcf3.socket failed (No
data available)
[2018-08-16 05:22:52.987648] I [MSGID: 106005]
[glusterd-handler.c:6071:__glusterd_brick_rpc_notify] 0-management:
Brick gluster13:/gluster/bricksdd1_new/shared has disconnected from
[2018-08-16 05:22:52.987908] E [rpc-clnt.c:350:saved_frames_unwind]
(--> /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libglusterfs.so.0(_gf_log_callingfn+0x13e)[0x7fdbaa398b8e]
(--> /usr/lib/x86_64-
(--> /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgfrpc.so.0(saved_frames_destroy+0xe)[0x7fdbaa15f23e]
(--> /usr/lib/x86_64-linu
(--> /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgfrpc.so.0(rpc_clnt_notify+0x288)[0x7fdbaa1613f8]
))))) 0-management: force
d unwinding frame type(brick operations) op(--(4)) called at
2018-08-16 05:22:52.941332 (xid=0x2)
[2018-08-16 05:22:52.988058] W [dict.c:426:dict_set]
[0x7fdbaa38fa13] ) 0-dict: !this || !value for key=index [I
nvalid argument]
[2018-08-16 05:22:52.988092] E [MSGID: 106060]
[glusterd-syncop.c:1014:gd_syncop_mgmt_brick_op] 0-management: Error
setting index on brick status rsp dict

This problem could be related to my previous mail. After executing
"gluster volume start shared force" the brick comes up, resulting in
healing the brick (and in high load, too). Is there any possibility to
track down why this happens and how to ensure that the brick comes up
at boot?

Best regards

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