[Gluster-users] Active-Active HA ganesha-nfs configuration

Herb Burnswell herbert.burnswell at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 02:40:07 UTC 2018


I would like to set up HA NFS (Active/Active) on our 2 node gluster
environment using NFS-Ganesha.


- RHEL 7
- glusterfs 3.8.15 built on Aug 16 2017 14:48:01

I am following this process in this documentation, however it is confusing
to me:


I already had Pacemaker/Corosync up and running on the our 2 node gluster
environment with fence resources on each.

After the package installs and confirming "Pre-requisites to run
NFS-Ganesha", here is what I've done:

1. # gluster volume set all cluster.enable-shared-storage enable

2. Create /etc/ganesha/ganesha-ha.conf file (scrubbed.  I'm also assuming
that HA_NAME should be equal to the already created pacemaker cluster name):

# HA File



3. # gluster nfs-ganesha enable
Enabling NFS-Ganesha requires Gluster-NFS to be disabled across the trusted
pool. Do you still want to continue?
 (y/n) y
This will take a few minutes to complete. Please wait ..
nfs-ganesha : success

4. # gluster volume set vol1 ganesha.enable on
volume set: success

At this point I can see the export available:

# showmount -e
Export list for server1:
/vol1 (everyone)

And I can successfully mount the export from another server.

However, nothing appears to be done regarding HA.  nfs-ganesha is not
started on server2 and no additional resources are created in pacemaker.

Can anyone provide guidance as to what I may be doing incorrectly?


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