[Gluster-users] Disperse volumes on armhf

Fox foxxz.net at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 04:21:30 UTC 2018

Just wondering if anyone else is running into the same behavior with
disperse volumes described below and what I might be able to do about it.

I am using ubuntu 18.04LTS on Odroid HC-2 hardware (armhf) and have
installed gluster 4.1.2 via PPA. I have 12 member nodes each with a single
brick. I can successfully create a working volume via the command:

gluster volume create testvol1 disperse 12 redundancy 4

And start the volume:
gluster volume start testvol1

Mounting the volume on an x86-64 system it performs as expected.

Mounting the same volume on an armhf system (such as one of the cluster
members) I can create directories but trying to create a file I get an
error and the file system unmounts/crashes:
root at gluster01:~# mount -t glusterfs gluster01:/testvol1 /mnt
root at gluster01:~# cd /mnt
root at gluster01:/mnt# ls
root at gluster01:/mnt# mkdir test
root at gluster01:/mnt# cd test
root at gluster01:/mnt/test# cp /root/notes.txt ./
cp: failed to close './notes.txt': Software caused connection abort
root at gluster01:/mnt/test# ls
ls: cannot open directory '.': Transport endpoint is not connected

I get many of these in the glusterfsd.log:
The message "W [MSGID: 101088] [common-utils.c:4316:gf_backtrace_save]
0-management: Failed to save the backtrace." repeated 100 times between
[2018-08-03 04:06:39.904166] and [2018-08-03 04:06:57.521895]

Furthermore, if a cluster member ducks out (reboots, loses connection, etc)
and needs healing the self heal daemon logs messages similar to that above
and can not heal - no disk activity (verified via iotop) though very high
CPU usage and the volume heal info command indicates the volume needs

I tested all of the above in virtual environments using x86-64 VMs and
could self heal as expected.

Again this only happens when using disperse volumes. Should I be filing a
bug report instead?
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