[Gluster-users] cluster of 3 nodes and san

Ricky Gutierrez xserverlinux at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 01:56:58 UTC 2018

Hi list, I need a little help, I currently have a cluster with vmware
and 3 nodes, I have a storage (Dell powervault) connected by FC in
redundancy, and I'm thinking of migrating it to proxmox since the
maintenance costs are very expensive, but the Doubt is if I can use
glusterfs with a san connected by FC? , It is advisable? , I add
another data, that in another site I have another cluster with proxmox
with another storage connected by FC (Hp eva 6000), and I am also
considering using glusterfs, the idea is to be able to replicate one
cluster to another and have a replica, but not If I can do the job
with glusterfs?

I wait for your comments!



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