[Gluster-users] Reconstructing files from shards

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalit.com
Mon Apr 23 07:34:07 UTC 2018

Il 22/04/2018 11:39, Gandalf Corvotempesta ha scritto:
> Il dom 22 apr 2018, 10:46 Alessandro Briosi <ab1 at metalit.com
> <mailto:ab1 at metalit.com>> ha scritto:
>     Imho the easiest path would be to turn off sharding on the volume and
>     simply do a copy of the files (to a different directory, or rename
>     and
>     then copy i.e.)
>     This should simply store the files without sharding.
> If you turn off sharding on a sharded volume with data in it, all
> sharded files would be unreadable

Is it that really so?

I thought that sharding was a extended attribute on the files created
when sharding is enabled.

Turning off sharding on the volume would not turn off sharding on the
files, but on newly created files ...

Anyway if that is so the simplest path would be to crete a new volume
and move/copy files over.

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