[Gluster-users] Enable sharding on active volume

Krutika Dhananjay kdhananj at redhat.com
Thu Apr 5 05:00:02 UTC 2018

On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 7:33 AM, Ian Halliday <ihalliday at ndevix.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I wanted to post this as a question to the group before we go launch it in
> a test environment. Will Gluster handle enabling sharding on an existing
> distributed-replicated environment, and is it safe to do?
Yes it's safe but it would mean that only the files that are created since
shard was enabled would be sharded, not the existing files.
If you want to shard the existing files, there are a couple of things you
can do:

1. move the existing file to a local fs from your glusterfs volume and then
move it back into the volume.
2. copy the existing file into a temporary file on the same volume and
rename the file back to its original name.

You could try both on two test vms and go with the faster of the two
approaches. And either way, you could do this one vm at a time.


The environment in question is a VM image storage cluster with some disk
> files starting to grow beyond the size of some of the smaller bricks.
> -- Ian
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