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Ashish Pandey aspandey at redhat.com
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I hope you have gluster volume running on your cluster and you just want to change host name of your nodes to some other host name. 
Ex: From hostname1 to hostname2 
I think changing a host name of any node is very simple using linux command. 
I think changing host name should automatically detect by the peers in peer list of cluster. 

Only thing is what will happen to all those volume on which we have bricks with this host name? How that volume is going to recognize bricks when we change the host name. 
That's where we have introduced "reset-brick" command. 
Please go through above link and understand the reset-brick command and usage and try it. 
If you have any doubt, please let us know before disturbing anything on your setup which can lead to volume unavailable. 
I hope you are using gluster version 3.9.0 and above. 


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how to change the host name of gluster servers? 
if I modify the hostname1 in /etc/lib/glusterd/peers/uuid, the change is not save... 
gluster pool list return ipserver and not new hostname... 
Thank you 

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