[Gluster-users] Basic questions

Roman romeo.r at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 11:23:07 UTC 2017

Hi guys.
A lot time with no words from me.
My GlustreFS setup is still alive and running for VM on 3.6.x version

Now I'm going to build a pretty large and scalable distributed storage and
some kind of smaller replicated.

Which version is recommended atm? I've read some notices on performance
3.12.0 vs 3.10.5 from list.

Another question is - are there any fresh tests on native and nfs mounts
with glusterfs? At the time I was using glusterfs to build storage nfs was
way faster.
Is there any way to mount replicated volume using single node name? Or how
should I do it to achieve automated failover if something will go wrong
using the nfs mount of replicated volume? Should I just edit the hosts file
to point same name against 2 different IP-s?

The distributed setup will go as large as 300 TB overall. File sezes are
10MB-1,5GB. Are there any recommendations for performance tuning on
volumes? I will not use tiering with ssd. The network is going to be
10Gbps. Any advice on this topic is highly appreciated. Will start with 1
server and 50TB disks on HW raid10 and add servers as data goes larger.

Best regards,
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