[Gluster-users] New halo for "simple" 2 nodes asynchronous replica (async master-master)

Stefano Bagnara io at bago.org
Tue Nov 21 19:08:52 UTC 2017


is it possible to use the new "halo" feature to create a replica 2 volume
on 2 bricks that are located in 2 different regions (10+ ms latency) so to
be able to write to both nodes from each region without the need to a
synchronous confirmation of the other node?

Does this page includes the most up to date /complete docs about that

I guess it would be:
halo-min-replicas = 1

but what about:
halo-latency = ???

If I understood it correctly, in a similar setup I could write to node1 and
the write would be fast as a local write, but in background halo would
propagate the write to the node in the other region just after my write.

So this could be something similar to a master-master mysql asynchronous
binlog replica: if you know that no one work on the same file/record on
both nodes at the same time then it works.

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