[Gluster-users] Proposal to deprecate replace-brick for "distribute only" volumes

Raghavendra Talur rtalur at redhat.com
Thu Mar 16 10:51:03 UTC 2017


In the last few releases, we have changed replace-brick command such
that it can be called only with "commit force" option. When invoked,
this is what happens to the volume:

a. distribute only volume: the given brick is replaced with a empty
brick with 100% probability of data loss.
b. distribute-replicate: the given brick is replaced with a empty
brick and self heal is triggered. If admin is wise enough to monitor
self heal status before another replace-brick command, data is safe.
c. distribute-disperse: same as above in distribute-replicate

My proposal is to fully deprecate replace-brick command for
"distribute only" volumes. It should print out a error "The right way
to replace brick for distribute only volume is to add brick, wait for
rebalance to complete and remove brick" and return a "-1".


Raghavendra Talur

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