[Gluster-users] Expected behaviour of hypervisor on Gluster node loss

Niklaus Hofer niklaus.hofer at stepping-stone.ch
Mon Jan 30 11:25:47 UTC 2017


I have a question concerning the 'correct' behaviour of GlusterFS:

We a nice Gluster setup up and running. Most things are working nicely. 
Our setup is as follows:
  - Storage is a 2+1 Gluster setup (2 replicating hosts + 1 arbiter) 
with a volume for virtual machines.
  - Two virtualisation hosts running libvirt / qemu / kvm.

Now the question is, what is supposed to happen when we unplug one of 
the storage nodes (aka power outage in one of our data centers)?
Initially we were hoping that the virtualisation hosts would 
automatically switch over to the second storage node and keep all VMs 

However, during our tests, we have found that this is not the case. 
Instead, when we unplug one of the storage nodes, the virtual machines 
run into all sorts of problems; being unable to read/write, crashing 
applications and even corrupting the filesystem. That is of course not 

Reading the documentation again, we now think that we have misunderstood 
what we're supposed to be doing. To our understanding, what should 
happen is this:
  - If the virtualisation host is connected to the storage node which is 
still running:
    - everything is fine and the VM keeps running
  - If the virtualisation host was connected to the storage node which 
is now absent:
    - qemu is supposed to 'pause' / 'freeze' the VM
    - Virtualisation host waits for ping timeout
    - Virtualisation host switches over to the other storage node
    - qemu 'unpauses' the VMs
    - The VM is fully operational again

Does my description match the 'optimal' GlusterFS behaviour?

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