[Gluster-users] Compile xlator separately

David Spisla david.spisla at iternity.com
Thu Jan 26 15:50:44 UTC 2017

Hello Gluster Community,

I want to make some small changes to the read-only xlator. For this I want to re-compile the .so-file separately.
I use the source from gluster 3.8.8 and the makefile according to this tutorial:


But this tutorial seems to be obsolet because I did some small changes to re-compile the read-only.so. This ist my makefile:

# Change these to match your source code.
TARGET  = read-only.so
OBJECTS = read-only.o

# Change these to match your environment.
GLFS_SRC = /srv/glusterfs-3.8.8
GLFS_LIB = /usr/lib64

# You shouldn't need to change anything below here.

CFLAGS  = -fPIC -Wall -O0 -g \
      -D$(HOST_OS) -I$(GLFS_SRC) -I$(GLFS_SRC)/contrib/uuid \
LDFLAGS = -shared -nostartfiles -L$(GLFS_LIB)
LIBS = -lpthread

        $(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o $(TARGET) $(OBJECTS) $(LIBS)

You see I removed the -lglusterfs from LIBS, because the compiler can not find this library. Is there another path actually?
I also removed the first $(OBJECTS), because the compiler give me error messages.

What is the best way to compile a xlator manually?

One more question: Does glusterd bind those feature-xlators dynamically to one volume? Because in the volfiles I can not see an entry for them.

Thank you for your attention!

David Spisla
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