[Gluster-users] Convert to Shard - Setting Guidance

Gustave Dahl gustave at dahlfamily.net
Fri Jan 20 03:11:51 UTC 2017

I am looking for guidance on the recommend settings as I convert to shards.
I have read most of the list back through last year and I think the
conclusion I came to was to keep it simple.  


One: It may take months to convert my current VM images to shard's, do you
see any issues with this?  My priority is to make sure future images are
distributed as shards. 

Two:  Settings, my intent is to set it as follows based on guidance on the
Redhat site and what I have been reading here.  Do these look okay?
Additional suggestions?


Modified Settings


features.shard enable

features.shard-block-size 512MB

data-self-heal-algorithm full


Current Hardware


Hyper-converged.  VM's running Gluster Nodes

Currently across three servers.  Distributed-Replicate  - All Bricks 1TB SSD

Network - 10GB Connections

Image Sizes - Up to 300GB


Current Gluster Version




Current Settings


Type: Distributed-Replicate

Number of Bricks: 4 x 3 = 12

Transport-type: tcp

Options Reconfigured:

cluster.server-quorum-type: server

cluster.quorum-type: auto

network.remote-dio: enable

cluster.eager-lock: enable

performance.stat-prefetch: off

performance.io-cache: off

performance.read-ahead: off

performance.quick-read: off

server.allow-insecure: on

performance.readdir-ahead: on

performance.cache-size: 1GB

performance.io-thread-count: 64

nfs.disable: on

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