[Gluster-users] Vm migration between diff clusters

Дмитрий Глушенок glush at jet.msk.su
Thu Jan 19 07:58:16 UTC 2017


For offline migration you can use storage domain of type Export, shared between clusters. For online storage migration the source and destination storage have to be present in current cluster.

Regarding the different glusterfs versions - it must not be a problem because oVirt uses vm images as files on filesystem, without gfapi involvement.

> 19 янв. 2017 г., в 2:11, paf1 at email.cz написал(а):
> Hello, 
> how can I migrate VM  between  two different clusters with gluster FS ? ( 3.5 x 4.0 )
> They have different ovirt mgmt.
> regards
> Paf1
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