[Gluster-users] High ram usage by server

Kevin Lemonnier lemonnierk at ulrar.net
Sun Jan 15 14:06:54 UTC 2017


Our monitoring has been alerting about ram usage for a few days on
our longest running proxmox / glusterFS cluster. Up until now
I've just been migrating VMs to other hosts without paying much
attention but I just realised that I have only 3 VMs left on the
problematic server, and they really shouldn't be using that much ram.

So I took a real look : glusterd is using 31,3 G of ram. That
really wasn't the case at first, and isn't on the other members
of that cluster (the two other replicas are using 2 G of ram).

Two questions,
1) How do I safely free that ram ? I believe stopping gluster, at
least on debian, doesn't actually stop the brick so the ram isn't
freed. Is killing it safe ?
Guess at worst I can migrate the remaining VMs over and just reboot
the server, but I really really can't afford a problem right now.

2) What do you need to track down the leak ? It's 3.7.12, maybe
it's already been solved ? I know a colleague is having a similar problem
on other servers with up to date 3.8, but they aren't doing VM hosting
so maybe it's unrelated ..

Kevin Lemonnier
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