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Ashish Pandey aspandey at redhat.com
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This is the format which we have followed in this command . There could be a case when you want to 
keep the same bricks which you have added using IP address but now instead of IP address you want that all the bricks should have hostname. 
In this case you have to mention both the source as well as destination, even if logically both represent the same node. 

There could also be other cases which I don't remember now. 

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If you are using glusterfs 3.9 and want to give the replaced brick the same name as the old one, there is the reset-brick command. The commit message in http://review.gluster.org/#/c/12250/ gives you some information on the steps to run. 
If you are okay with using a different name for the brick, then there is `gluster volume replace-brick <volname> <hostname:old brick> <hostname:new brick> commit force`. I think this command works from glusterfs 3.7.10 onward. 

If reset-brick is used to replace a brick with another with the same name, why this command ask for both source and destination brick name? 
It would always be the same, if different, replace-brick command should be used. 



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