[Gluster-users] Very slow writes through Samba mount to Gluster with crypt on

Whit Blauvelt whit.gluster at transpect.com
Tue Jan 3 22:08:41 UTC 2017

On Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 10:32:17AM -0500, Jeff Darcy wrote:
> > Is there some known formula for getting performance out of this stack, or is
> > Samba with Glusterfs with encryption-at-rest just not that workable a
> > proposition for now?
> I think it's very likely that the combination you describe is not workable.
> The crypt translator became an orphan years ago, when the author left a
> highly idiosyncratic blob of code and practically no tests behind.  Nobody
> has tried to promote it since then, and "at your own risk" has been the
> answer for anyone who asks.  If you found it in the source tree and
> decided to give it a try, I'm sorry.  Even though it's based in large part
> on work I had done for HekaFS, I personally wouldn't trust it to keep my
> data correctly let alone securely.


Thanks for straightening me out. I didn't find it in the source tree. I
happened on documentation here, which seemed to imply this was a current
project as of 2015:


And those instructions work for Gluster as provide from the Ubuntu PPA at 


which is of course an "unsupported" version -- if commonly used with Ubuntu.
Curious that it includes an orphan translator.


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