[Gluster-users] Different network for server and client

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalit.com
Wed Feb 22 17:43:59 UTC 2017

Il 22/02/2017 18:31, Deepak Naidu ha scritto:
> I have a setup where storage nodes use network-1 & client nodes use
> network-2. 
> In both server/client, I use /etc/hosts entry to define storage node
> name, example node1, node2, node3 etc... 
> When client uses node1 hostname it resolves to network-2 & when
> storage uses node1 it resolves to network-1.
> I don't think GlusterFS has as many scrubbing jobs like other SDS
> where they need cluster interconnect, it's mostly client server
> replication/translator model. Other use case where "different" network
> is helpful , if you have remote replication(geo) going across the pipe.

I thought about this, but if servers are also clients, then this would
not work.
Well, I suppose this is not possible or not required.

Is it really the client which replicates the data and distributes it to
the different nodes?


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