[Gluster-users] Samba ctdb questions

Ira Cooper icooper at redhat.com
Thu Feb 9 15:06:08 UTC 2017


I'd recommend reading about CTDB Registry based configuration, and how it works.

For any clustered CTDB setup where you can use it, it will likely make your life easier.

I recommend Googling on it, and reading the smb.conf, and ctdb man pages.  I think that should make things clearer.

I have no idea how well things will work on el7, I tend to do custom builds on Fedora, alas. :)



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> Hello,
> I'm trying to get a ctdb cluster running on top of a new glusterfs deployment
> and I'm having difficulty - as a smb novice - understanding how it all fits
> in together.
> Most documents I've found online about the subject just stop after "yum
> install samba ctdb". My questions specifically (let's assume EL7, Gluster
> 3.8.8):
> - Will ctdb maintain the same smb config across all gluster nodes or must I
> put the smb config in a replicated share across the cluster?
> - What kind of user db can I use with samba and make it available to all the
> nodes?
> I don't want to use system accounts, as that would mean maintaining the same
> users/groups across the whole cluster.
> Thanks,
> Lucian
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