[Gluster-users] "{path} is already part of volume" error occurs when mount points are siblings not ancestors

Joseph Lorenzini jaloren at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 18:54:54 UTC 2017


My understanding is that in gluster 3.3, a check was added to see if a
directory (or any of it's ancestors) is already part of a volume. So far so
good. However, I believe this check may be inappropriately getting applied
in my case.

Here's the scenario:

   1. in three node gluster cluster, each node has two separate devices
   mounted and XFS formatted.
   2. For the first device, mount point is /data/glusterfs/gv0/brick1. For
   second device, mount point is /data/glusterfs/gv1/brick1.
   3. I want to create two volumes, where each volume contains only one of
   the mount points but not the other.

This would mean that the mount point for each volume is a sibling to one
another but neither is ancestor of the other. However, I get the volume
error when i try to create the second volume. Is this expected? If so, does
anyone know why the check would behave this way?

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