[Gluster-users] Strange - Missing hostname-trigger_ip-1 resources

ML Wong wongmlb at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 00:50:47 UTC 2017

Thanks so much for your promptly response, Soumya.
That helps clearing out one of my questions. I am trying to figure out why
NFS service did not failover/pick-up the NFS clients last time when one of
our cluster-nodes failed.

Though i could see, in corosync.log, a notify got sent to the cluster the
failed node, the election, and the IP failover process seems to all be
finished with in around minute. However, after the IP failover to the
destinated node, i tried to do a "showmount -e localhost" - the command got
hung. But, i still see ganesha-nfsd is running in the host. To your
expertise, if i understand the process correctly, given that i keep all the
default timeout/interval settings for nfs-mon, nfs-grace, the entire IP
failover, and NFS service failover process should be completed within 2
minutes. Am i correct?

Your help is again appreciated.

On Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 11:42 PM, Soumya Koduri <skoduri at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 02/03/2017 07:52 AM, ML Wong wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Any pointers will be very-much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
>> Environment:
>> Running centOS 7.2.511
>> Gluster: 3.7.16, with nfs-ganesha on from centos-gluster37 repo
>> sha1: cab5df4064e3a31d1d92786d91bd41d91517fba8  ganesha-ha.sh
>> we have used this set up in 3 different gluster, nfs-ganesha
>> environment. The cluster got setup when we do 'gluster nfs-ganesha
>> enable' , and we can serve NFS without issues. And i see all the
>> resources got created, but not the *hostname*-trigger_ip-1 resources? Is
>> that normal?
> Yes it is normal. With change [1], new resource agent attributes have been
> introduced in place of *-trigger_ip-1 to monitor, move the VIP  and put the
> cluster in grace. More details are in the change# commit msg.
> Thanks,
> Soumya
> [1] https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs/commit/e8121c4afb3680f5
> 32b450872b5a3ffcb3766a97
> without *hostname*-trigger_ip-1, according to ganesha-ha.sh, wouldn't it
>> affect the NFS going into grace, and help to transition the NFS service
>> to other member nodes at the times of node-failures? please correct me
>> if i misunderstood.
>> I tried issuing both 'gluster nfs-ganesha enable', and 'bash -x
>> /usr/libexec/ganesha/ganesha-ha.sh --setup'. In both scenarios, i still
>> don't see the *hostname*-trigger_ip-1 got created.
>> below is my ganesha-ha.conf
>> HA_NAME="ganesha-ha-01"
>> HA_VOL_SERVER="vm-fusion1"
>> HA_CLUSTER_NODES="vm-fusion1,vm-fusion3"
>> VIP_vm-fusion1=""
>> VIP_vm-fusion3=""
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