[Gluster-users] interval or event to evaluate free disk space?

Nithya Balachandran nbalacha at redhat.com
Tue Dec 19 03:39:26 UTC 2017

On 19 December 2017 at 00:11, Stefan Solbrig <stefan.solbrig at ur.de> wrote:

> Hi all,
> with the option "cluster.min-free-disk" set, glusterfs avoids placing
> files bricks that are "too full".
> I'd like to understand when the free space on the bricks  is calculated.
> It seems to me that this does not happen for every write call (naturally)
> but at some interval or that some other event triggers this.

This is checked as part of the file create and mkdir calls.

> i.e, if I write two files quickly (that together would fill a brick) I'd
> get a error message:
> dd if=/dev/zero  of=a    bs=1k count=15000 && sleep 1 && dd if=/dev/zero
> of=aa     bs=1k count=15000
> #yiels: dd: error writing ‘aa’: No space left on device
> #(brick1 is full, but glusterd still tries to place file "aa" on the same
> brick
> dd if=/dev/zero  of=a    bs=1k count=15000 && sleep 60  && dd
> if=/dev/zero  of=aa     bs=1k count=15000
> #this works....
> #link file on brick1 to "aa" and the real "aa"-file on brick2

Are these being done in parallel? If yes, you can hit this problem as the
value is calculated before the create at which point there is sufficient
disk space.


> when is statfs (or a simlar call) evaluated?
> Thank you!
> best wishes,
> Stefan
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