[Gluster-users] reset-brick command questions

Jorick Astrego jorick at netbulae.eu
Mon Dec 11 14:02:53 UTC 2017


I'm trying to use the reset-brick command, but it's not completely clear 
to me

>       Introducing reset-brick command
> /Notes for users:/ The reset-brick command provides support to 
> reformat/replace the disk(s) represented by a brick within a volume. 
> This is helpful when a disk goes bad etc
That's what I need, the use case is a disk goes bad on a disperse 
gluster node and we want to replace it with a new disk
> Start reset process -
> |gluster volume reset-brick VOLNAME HOSTNAME:BRICKPATH start |
This works, I can see in gluster volume status the brick is not there 
> The above command kills the respective brick process. Now the brick 
> can be reformatted.
> To restart the brick after modifying configuration -
> |gluster volume reset-brick VOLNAME HOSTNAME:BRICKPATH 
> If the brick was killed to replace the brick with same brick path, 
> restart with following command -
> |gluster volume reset-brick VOLNAME HOSTNAME:BRICKPATH 
> HOSTNAME:BRICKPATH commit force |
This fails, I unmounted the gluster path, formatted a fresh disk, 
mounted it on the old mount point and created the brick subdir on it.

    gluster volume reset-brick glustervol
    gluster1:/gluster/brick1/glusterbrick1 commit force

    volume reset-brick: failed: Source brick must be stopped. Please use
    gluster volume reset-brick <volname> <dst-brick> start.

Why would I even need to specify the "|HOSTNAME:BRICKPATH|" twice? I 
just want to replace the disk and get it back into the volume.

Met vriendelijke groet, With kind regards,

Jorick Astrego

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