[Gluster-users] Rebooting cluster nodes - GFS3.8

Andrew Kester aikester at aikester.com
Tue Dec 5 17:36:24 UTC 2017

On my setup at least, just issuing the reboot command works without any 
issue.  I've done a number of rolling reboots for software / kernel 
upgrades in the manner you've described this way.

The one gotcha I've found is when the node comes back online.  I 
manually check healing to ensure that everything is synced and back 
online before taking other nodes offline.


Andrew Kester
The Storehouse

On 12/5/17 10:40 AM, Mark Connor wrote:
> I am running gluster ver 3.8 in a distributed replica 2 config. I need 
> to reboot all my 8 cluster nodes to update my bios firmware.  I would 
> like to do a rolling update to my bios and keep up my cluster so my 
> clients don't take an outage. Do I need to shutdown all gluster services 
> on each node before I reboot? Or just issue the reboot.
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