[Gluster-users] Production cluster planning

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 10:41:46 UTC 2016

On 29/09/2016 4:32 AM, mabi wrote:
> hat's not correct. There is no risk of corruption using 
> "sync=disabled". In the worst case you just end up with old data but 
> no corruption. See the following comment from a master of ZFS (Aaron 
> Toponce):
> https://pthree.org/2013/01/25/glusterfs-linked-list-topology/#comment-227906

Your missing what he said - *ZFS* will not be corrupted but the data 
written could be in any state, in this case the gluster filesystem data 
and meta data. To have one ndoe in a cluster out of sync with out the 
cluster knowing would be very bad.

Lindsay Mathieson

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